120 fps iPhone 5s footage and Avid Media Composer

In this video tutorial, RedArrowRyan shows editors how to use 120 fps footage shot on the iPhone 5s in Avid’s Media Composer Software. Viewers will get to see how to… read more →

AJA Io Express with Avid Media Composer 5.5

At Red Arrow we have two Nitris DX machines that are dedicated to capturing footage and onlining shows. Ever so often something will come up and we will need the… read more →

Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

The construction work on the new office continues to zoom along.  We’ve gotten official word that we’ll be able to move into our new space on June 1st, so it… read more →

Trading Spaces

Last month was Red Arrow’s anniversary. Three years ago, Ryan and I decided to leave the freelance world and join forces to create a company so we could better serve… read more →

The DVD Problem

Okay, so my title may be a touch melodramatic.  My other blog entries have been how-tos, but this post is a call for opinions.  It is based on a conversation… read more →