Blog: Houston

  • Food finds from the field. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Always memorable. Today’s find is brought to you by Red Arrow Production Supervisor, Valen Emmert. Hubcap Grill Where: Houston, TX Specialty: Burgers, fries, and old fashioned root beer Review: Absolutely delicious Burgers and Fries. Bonus– The burgers are made with an additional sandwich between the buns. For example, take the Philly Burger. Rather than… read more →

  • At Red Arrow, we’re big fans of beverages. The coffee pot clicks on first thing in the morning, water bottles are refilled all day long and, if you’ve been on set with us, you know the coolers are always stocked with Coke Zero and Diet Mountain Dew (hey, we’re from the South – don’t judge!). We also have quite a contingency… read more →