Blog: post-production

  • In today’s blog, I provide a Video Tutorial with instructions on how to use Boris Red and Avid Media Composer to perform Pan and Zoom type moves on high resolution still images. Click more for the video….

  • When it comes to editing, I have no shortage of “pet peeves,” and perhaps one of my biggest is seeing footage with “Incorrect Aspect Ratio.”  Far too often I see television shows, news packages, promos, even graphics in a video with the wrong aspect ratio, causing the images to appear squished.  I’m not talking about TV networks that incorrectly display… read more →

  • Ever wonder how a TV show is written? Well, just ten years ago that answer would have been easy: A TV show was written by a “writer.”  Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it. Well, answering that question in today’s post-production world is not so easy. Oh, sure, some shows are still written by a writer sitting behind a keyboard, but nowadays,… read more →