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  • I bought my first HDTV just about 3 years ago. I was a little late to the game considering I work in TV and I enjoy all sorts of new technology. But I was waiting until I felt there were enough HD channels on cable that it would really be worth the purchase. I didn’t want to spend over two… read more →

  • In this tutorial, I explain how to create a cool Pan and Zoom effect over Documents or Newspapers. I show how to use a blur effect to create the feeling of Depth of Field and how to use masks to give the illusion of lighting.

  • In this tutorial, I explain how to create the “Kid Stays in the Picture” effect using Photoshop, Boris Red, and Avid. I also show how to accomplish it with only using Boris Red and Avid. Be sure to follow me on twitter @redarrowryan to get all the latest updates to this blog. Click more for the video….

  • For a follow up to my last tutorial, I cover using the Ease In/Out Keyframes in Boris Red to create smooth moves on hi-resolution still photos. click more for the video….

  • In today’s blog, I provide a Video Tutorial with instructions on how to use Boris Red and Avid Media Composer to perform Pan and Zoom type moves on high resolution still images. Click more for the video….