Bassett Furniture Animation


Client: Bassett & HGTV

Red Arrow: Graphics + Pre-pro, Production, Post-Production

Shoot Location: Knoxville, TN

The Story…

We partnered with HGTV and Bassett for the third consecutive year to produce branded content. Each year, the client has been thrilled with our team’s ability to create unique and dynamic transitions from the “before” footage to the “after” footage. This third year was no different. In addition to a visually interesting transition, this year we incorporated a “Pinterest-like” graphic device into the videos.

We explored some options and developed a Bassett-styled Pinterest board, showcasing Bassett products within “photo cards.” These photos are initially seen on a tablet, but through visual effects, the cards come to life as they are pushed into the actual room, covering the old, and leaving the new, even as the cards fall out of the scene.

This solution met all of the goals of the client and resulted in a fresh new look and transitional device.