Chase: Journey to Home


Client: HGTV and Chase

Red Arrow: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production + Mastering

Shoot Location: Chula Vista, CA, Katy, TX

The Story…

For both of these 3-part “Journey to Home” series of videos, we were tasked with finding two great stories of couples who partnered with Chase to make their dream home a reality. The client wanted these two sets of videos to act as a mini-series so we knew we needed to tell the stories in a way that made viewers want to keep coming back every commercial break to find out more. After working closely with Chase Mortgage bankers and interviewing clients from all across the country we found the perfect homeowners in the plains of good ole’ Texas and in sun-soaked California. Matt and Marissa built their house from the ground up in Katy, Texas, and after several months of searching, Raven finally found his wife, Hazel, the home she’d always wanted in Chula Vista, California. We also coordinated additional interviews and photo shoots for each “Journey to Home” couple, both of which can be found in HGTV magazine.

Side note, if you ever find yourself near Houston, know that some of the area’s best BBQ can be found in the same place where you pump your gas or if you’re visiting the Chula Vista area, keep your eyes peeled for coyotes and rattlesnakes.