Grizzly Uprising


Client: Animal Planet

Red Arrow: Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

Shoot Location: Montana, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Virginia, Tennessee

The Story…

All shoots have their more wild aspects, but producing Animal Planet’s Monster Week special, “Grizzly Uprising” had a few more than most.

Before shooting could begin our team delved into research, collecting encounter and attack stories, eyewitness accounts, and expert opinions. After research, our production team travelled all over the country to interview victims and experts. Their insights, combined with the heart-wrenching tales of the victims, gave us plenty of gripping material to tell a compelling story. Now it was up to us to weave it all together for Animal Planet viewers.

To fully bring these attacks to life, our teams shot recreations for each story. Sharing these tales full of bears and gruesome attacks took the dedication of both our producers and skilled graphics teams. There was blood, taxidermied bears, and even a CGI grizzly. All of these pieces came together for a thrilling Monster Week special!