Kerrygold – Holiday Cookie Swap


Client: Kerrygold and Food Network

Host: Molley Yeh

Shoot Location: Knoxville, TN

The Story…

A 5am call time is no ones favorite, but what can make that better? A cookie-central shoot of course. For the past two years we have created custom videos for Kerrygold’s holiday campaigns. Each have featured a culinary talent doing what they do best – making irresistible food.

Video 1: The shots in this holiday video were just as rich as the cookies. Chef McKenna shared her butter cookie recipe, giving step-by-step instructions while she prepared the cookies and giving extra tips through interview segments. By the end of the day we had great footage and even some leftover treats for the road.

Video 2: We found the best team for this frosted shoot, including a food stylist from a delicious local bakery and the talented food blogger, Molly Yeh. Kerrygold’s “Holiday Cookie Swap” video aired on Food Network and accomplished its goal of giving everyone something to drool over.