Client: History

Red Arrow: Show Graphics + Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

The Story…

Lone Star Restoration showcases the talent of Brent Hull, a historian who restores structures back to their original glory. With each project, he places tracing paper over a photo of the structure to be restored and hand draws his ideas and plans for the restoration on the semi-transparent paper.

When designing the graphics for this show, we mimicked Brent’s practice of using a photo, tracing paper, and pencil. We used white paper as a graphic element to support information and sketches and/or a way to “peel” away a real image to reveal a sketch. While many of the graphics were generated in 3D software, imperfect, sketchy lines were used to emulate a hand-drawn look.

The font choice and architectural graphic elements were chosen as a nod toward Brent’s passion for history and restoration.