Lowe’s “Start Here” Animation


Client: HGTV, DIY Network, & Lowe's

Host: Mina Starsiak of GOOD BONES

Red Arrow: Motion Design + Pre-pro, Production, Post-Production

Shoot Location: San Diego, CA

The Story…

We partnered with the on-air and digital teams at HGTV and DIY Network, producing branded content for Lowe’s. This included a myriad of seasonal how-to videos, featuring products from Lowe’s.

We used stop-frame animation techniques, indie pop music and playful moments with talent to produce fun, fast-paced and informative content. We created the graphics to match the energy and style of the edit, by using animated “sparks” to highlight moments and hits throughout each video. These sparks were often tracked to the movement of the footage to create dynamic and integrated animations.

The text graphics were intentionally simple for two reasons. One, the text needed to be easily read, without detracting from the video content. Two, it needed to be legible for viewing on smaller digital platforms.

Ultimately, we produced a number of fun and entertaining, yet informative, videos that seamlessly showcased the Lowe’s brand.