Sony “A Dog’s Way Home”


Client: Sony & HGTV

Red Arrow: Pre-pro, Production, Post-Production

Shoot Location: Coronado, CA

The Story…

You’ve probably seen HGTV’s hit show House Hunters, but we bet you’ve never seen it from a dog’s perspective! In this promotional video for Sony’s new movie, A Dog’s Way Home, we partnered with HGTV to create a house hunting video from the perspective of the family dog. After selecting the perfect canine talent, Walter, we showed viewers what a dog is really looking for in a new house. To prep for the big day, our team put Walter through a mini “boot camp” to make sure all of his skills were camera ready. He was tasked with following his on-camera owners through the house, sitting, laying, staying, jumping up to lay his head on the door ledge, and whatever else we might need. To emulate Walter’s perspective, we had our cameras become his field of view and replicate his movements. We accomplished this using a specialty rig and a hand held rig (that allowed our camera guy to shake like a dog). It was an adventure, and we loved every minute.