Vertical Video


Client: Case Study

Red Arrow: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Mastering

Shoot Location: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Story…

Video 1
The ultimate experiential video was made specifically for audiences who are increasingly viewing more media on their phones than computers. For this Travel Channel case study, we developed our own camera rig, used helmet cams and incorporated hand-held video, to bring the viewers along for the ride, literally. Watch as we take you for a mountain bike ride through the Smoky Mountains.

Video 2
For a hike in the Smokies most people pack some water and a sandwich. Well, we had all that, but since there is a serious lack of outlets on the trail we also loaded our packs with batteries of all kinds. During this Travel Channel case study we were hiking along with our talent, carrying gear, making a custom handheld rig for camera rotation, and even lighting an entire cave. During production and editing we embraced the increasingly popular vertical video style, showing viewers great content in a form custom fit for modern consumption.