Yum & Yummer


Client: Cooking Channel

Host: Eddie Jackson

Red Arrow: Original Concept, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production + Mastering

The Story…

What do you get when you combine one knockout chef with a big personality, seven insane comfort food dishes, and a team of expert storytellers? The yummiest show on TV, obviously!

We searched until we found the best of the best to bring the most outrageous, innovative, and over-the-top comfort food dishes to your table! Okay, not your table. We had to settle for your TV.

Since you aren’t able to taste these treats firsthand, we knew we needed someone who could walk you through the experience of a full day of food from decadent breakfast, to a luxurious dinner, to a one-of-a-kind midnight snack. So, we brought chef and host Eddie Jackson along for the ride.

Catch all four seasons of Yum and Yummer on Cooking Channel. You may just be inspired to travel to these comfort food spots to taste the dishes for yourself!