Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing a project you can be proud of, especially when it’s one that you can show off. So when DIY Network approached us about producing a series of tip-based vignettes sponsored Lowe’s, we were more than ready to dust off that tool bag, fire up the table saw, and get to work. We traveled from California to Tennessee, to produced these summer inspired DIY videos for your viewing pleasure.  You’ll find these simple but impressive weekend projects, whether it’s a build, deep clean, or update, are perfect for any skill level and are sure to impress!


Outdoor Bar with Planters

Creating an outdoor bar does not have to be complicated. Some wood, screws, and metal siding are all that’s needed to up your summer bbq game.


Beautiful Fire Pit Surround

Sure – you could make smores in the microwave but we all know that’s a far cry from how they are meant to be enjoyed. By putting in a fire pit surround in your yard you will have a beautiful, functional space for when you want to whip up those messy marshmallow treats or for when you want to relax and simply enjoy the warm glow of the fire.


Deep Clean With Power Washing

When soap and elbow grease won’t cut it, there’s power washing. These tips on the best techniques cover almost every outdoor surface so you can spray your way to a lasting deep clean.



Kitchen Backsplash

A backsplash is a great way to create a dynamic focal point and tie the room’s design together. However, this can be pricey, complicated, and time consuming. Never fear! This video will show you a backspash that you can start on Saturday and show off by Sunday’s dinner party.


High-Impact Floating Shelves

Dress up a wall with this open shelving project. There’s no better way to display your photos and books. There’s also no better way to show off how handy and stylish you are in just one project.



A Smarter Kitchen Floor

Floors take constant beatings, even more so in a busy kitchen. This video shows you how it’s possible to protect your floor from spaghetti sauce to dirty boots and look good doing it.





Fireplace Update

An out of date fireplace can be a huge eyesore to a room. This update creates a whole new look from floor to ceiling, making the fireplace a focal point with a wow factor.