We’re excited to be casting for season 2 of our show First-Time Buyer’s Club! Just like season 1, season 2 will follow Tampa real estate agent Amina Stevens as she works with first time buyers to help them purchase their first home. 

We’re currently casting for people who want to buy their first home in Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. Are you looking to buy your first home and interested in being on the show? Apply now! Keep scrolling to fill out our casting form.


  • What is it like being a buyer on the show? It’s the same as being a first-time buyer, you’re just on TV! Buyers on the show work with Amina just like any other client and we’re right there to document the journey. 
  • What is scheduling like? We follow the buyer and Amina so scheduling depends on their availability. Whenever Amina and the buyer are able to meet or look at houses, we’ll be there! 
  • What is required to be on the show? The casting process starts with us getting more information about the potential buyer and where they are in their home buying journey. We talk with people who are in every stage of the home buying process so it’s not necessary to have it all figured out before applying. Whether you are already pre-approved or you don’t know where to start, we can meet you where you are in the process and go from there. Once selected for the show, buyers will work with Amina to get pre-approved before filming begins. 
  • Where does the show air? Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)
  • Where can I learn more about season 1? Learn more about season 1 on the First-Time Buyer’s Club show page on OWN’s website. 
  • Who is Amina Stevens? Amina Stevens is an experienced Tampa real estate agent who is passionate about educating her first-time buyers on the ins and outs of the home buying process. As a previous educator, Amina has carried her excitement for teaching into her career as a Realtor. In the world of real estate, knowledge is power – knowing which loans and programs best suit which buyers, knowing a good investment from a bad one, knowledge of the greater Tampa market – all this and more can make the difference between getting into the right house and missing out. In the past, Amina has seen people stumble or lose hope and ultimately think home ownership isn’t attainable for them. Amina wants to change people’s attitudes about owning a home and show how it is more accessible than they think. Get to know Amina on Instagram (@homesbyamina) or through her website 


Interested in being on the show? Apply now by filling out the casting form below! Got questions? Reach out to our casting team at 


Casting Application: 'First-Time Buyer's Club'

  • What is your budget for purchasing your first home?
  • From square footage to the life you hope to live there - we want to hear it all!