Sometimes a project comes along that’s so special, everyone wants to participate, and that was our most recent vignette with DIY Network and Choice Hotels. This was an epic shoot, during which we got to totally renovate an outdoor classroom for Beaumont Magnet Academy in Knoxville. In addition to having our normal crew, we also had help from community volunteers, teachers, students, and pretty much the entire Red Arrow team. It was such a cool project to be part of that it can’t be described in words. Luckily, we can show you.

In addition to our time lapse video and pictures, you can view the completed DIY Network vignette here.

Every well executed project needs a practice run. This is where the Red Arrow volunteers put their painting skills to work.

  Brett is the one with the smiley face. Kyle is the one with the frowny face. Jason is the one with the camera.

Getting the camera rigged on the roof turned out to be a dirty job. Of course, that’s why Valen volunteered to do it.

Once the outdoor classroom update was complete, it was time to gather the kids for the big reveal.

Our crew after back-to-back, 14 hour days working in 95 degree temperatures, and they’re still smiling.