It’s cold, and most of the cozy, exciting holidays are over. What to do now? Luckily, Media Manda has the scoop on what’s new on TV in February. Get the latest below, and think warm thoughts while we wait for spring!

By Amanda Thornton (aka Media Manda)


Unscripted Series to Watch for the Month

Mexican Dynasties – Bravo, premieres February 26

Connected to each other through a string of personal and professional relationships going back decades, the Allendes, the Bessudos and the Madrazos have Mexico City and all of its offerings in the palms of their hands. With both humor and heart, they challenge stereotypes, raise a few eyebrows and proudly showcase their over-the-top lifestyles.


REVIEW: This trailer reminds me of the series Made in Mexico that aired on Netflix last fall. The shows have a similar premise as well in that they both follow high society families of Mexico. All in all, it looks like an interesting series that looks at a different type of Mexican culture than you normally see on television.


Mental Samurai – FOX, premieres February 26

Mental Samurai is a thrilling new competition series that pushes every aspect of human intelligence and mental agility. Hosted and produced by Rob Lowe, the show is the first-ever obstacle course…for the mind.


REVIEW: This looks like a dizzy show that I would not be suited for if I were a contestant. Although they call it an “obstacle course for the mind,” the only obstacle in the trailer seems to be the nausea associated with the spinning machine contestants are strapped into. Overall, it looks like an interesting show that people hopefully won’t get secondhand motion sickness from.


My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera – Lifetime, premieres February 5

Eight inspirational couples will work with world-renowned wedding and event planner David Tutera to receive the wedding of their dreams. Slated to join Lifetime’s Real Love Tuesdays, each week, one new couple will share their emotional and heart-warming story LIVE from a different city or town across the country. Dramatic reveals will culminate in the live broadcast of the wedding, brought to life by Tutera.


REVIEW: Live shows are definitely a trend in television right now. With so many different shows out there for people to watch, networks need to be unpredictable to stand out. This show looks like it’s full of surprises and hopefully no heartbreaks.


Scripted Series to Watch for the Month

Russian Doll – Netflix, premieres February 1

A woman gets caught in a mysterious loop, repeatedly attending the same party and dying at the end of the night, only to awake the next day unharmed. Created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland.


REVIEW: Although this series has an overdone plot line, the trailer makes it look a little different than the other projects out there that have done it before. Natasha Lyonne was the break out star in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black so it’s nice to see her writing and staring in her own series.