Here’s all the exciting, small-screen gems you can expect to see in February.

By Media Manda (aka Amanda Thornton)


XXIII Olympic Winter Games

NBC – Opening Ceremonies February 9

The 2018 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXIII Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as PyeongChang 2018, is a major international multi-sport event scheduled to take place from 9 to 25 February 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Watch your favorite athletes compete for gold!

REVIEW: The Olympics are always fun to watch whether it’s the winter or the summer games. Some of my favorite events of past games are alpine skiing, luge, speed skating, figure skating, and ice hockey. With North Korea competing in South Korea this year, it’s sure to be an interesting Olympic Winter Games. Here’s hoping USA pulls out on top! Go USA!



The Radical Story of Patty Hearst

CNN – Premieres February 11 at 9pm

The transformation of Patty Hearst from kidnapped heiress to terrorist is a saga of privilege, celebrity and violence that gripped the nation. Over forty years later, firsthand accounts shed light on one of the most bizarre stories in modern American history. This six-part documentary series includes unprecedented access to Patty’s comrades and confidants and explores who Patty Hearst really is: victim or villain?


REVIEW: This series features CNN correspondent and author Jeffrey Toobin who recently released a book on this very topic called “American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst.” The story of Patty Hearst and her kidnapping has always captured audiences, because it such an enthralling tale. This series has first hand accounts from the real people who took her captive too which should be interesting compared with other documentaries which feature interviews of people who weren’t even there. Overall, I’m looking forward to this show.



#MeToo, Now What?

PBS – Premieres February 2 at 8:30pm

This is a five-part half-hour series where each episode will focus on an aspect of sexual harassment. Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International aims to take the discussion about sexual harassment to another level, engaging both women and men from all generations and walks of life in dialogue about these difficult issues. She also goes beyond the headlines about sexual harassment to ask how we got here and how we move forward.

REVIEW: I’m happy PBS is addressing this topic in a series instead of a one-off special. I’m interested to see what discussions this series brings up and if any new dialogue arises out of it.



Glam Masters

Lifetime – Premieres February 28 at 10pm

The eight-episode series puts beauty influencers through themed challenges allowing them to put their best face forward to impress judges Laverne Cox, celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, YouTube makeup expert Kandee Johnson and co-founder of Milk Makeup and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. Each closed-ended episode will feature four beauty bloggers who will go head-to-head to prove they have the talent, charisma and vision it takes to be the next big name in the beauty world. The winner each week will qualify to advance to the semi-finals where the best will battle it out in the Tournament of Masters finale. In the end, only one of these beauty-obsessed bloggers will get to claim the title of Glam Master.


REVIEW: Judging off of the preview I watched, this series looks similar to the format of Face Off. Contestants race to apply makeup to models according to a set of rules or themes that the judges have given them and present their work after racing to complete it on time. This looks like it could be interesting and apparently the winner gets to collaborate with Kim Kardashian West.



Coach Snoop

Netflix – Premieres February 2

This series follows the legendary rapper outside the studio and on the field, as he coaches a team of teenagers in the Snoop Youth Football League. The eight-episode season offers an intimate look at Snoop and the players as they chase a championship and deal with adversity off the field. His team will be traveling the nation, playing other teams in hopes of winning the youth football National Championship.


REVIEW: Snoop is a likeable guy. He’s been featured all over reality television these days. With the success of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, I can see why he’s in even more shows. Snoop formed the non-profit Snoop Football league for inner city kids in the Los Angeles area between the ages of five and thirteen. This looks like a cute heart warming series where audiences will see a different side to Snoop.



Scripted Series to Watch for the Month


Altered Carbon

Netflix – Premieres February 2

In the distant future, human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded into different bodies. Brought back to life after 250 years by Laurens Bancroft the richest man on Earth, ex-Envoy soldier Takeshi Kovacs must solve Bancroft’s attempted murder for the chance to live again in a world he doesn’t recognize.


REVIEW: I love a good sci-fi series, and after watching the trailer, this one looks like a great one. It reminds me of Blade Runner a little bit, which isn’t a bad thing. This series based on the book of the same name. It will also be interesting to see how additional seasons in this series will work, considering the show runner initially tried selling the stand-alone book as a feature film. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get cancelled like my other favorite Netflix sci-fi series, Sense8.