Best Ever Treehouses


Client: HGTV & Great American Country

Host: Chris Lambton

Red Arrow: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

Shoot Location: Milton, DE; Holmes Beach, FL; Cave Junction, OR; Canadys, SC

The Story…

HGTV asked us to create a show about awesome treehouses, and the “kid” in all of us rejoiced. Some projects stick with you, and this is certainly one of those– in part due to the challenges of hauling gear 12 miles down river to reach a charming treehouse getaway in Canadys, SC. Then there was that part where our producers felt obligated to test the safety of the Tarzan swing in Cave Junction before strapping in our friend and host Chris Lambton to this wildly amusing torture device. But without a doubt, our fondest memories surround the many friendships we made in the process of this four week, four state, treehouse production. From research, to casting, to producing and editing, our team delivered across the board to bring this entertaining special to HGTV viewers.