Kraft: Stir Up Some Fun


Client: HGTV & Kraft

Host: Matt Blashaw

Red Arrow: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Mastering

Shoot Location: San Diego, CA

The Story…

It started with 90 lbs. of Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Tang, and Country Time Lemonade arriving at our office in Knoxville, TN, along with a request from our client to create a :30 on-air contest driver spot for a backyard makeover sweepstakes. It ended with a 3-part backyard makeover suited for Mom, Dad, and the kids, in a San Diego backyard. So how did we take a bulk supply of powdered drink mix and incorporate it into a backyard makeover? Well, it went like this –  While our producers focused on the story, our casting team went to work locating an adorable family in Southern California with the perfect backyard to serve as the stage for a Matt Blashaw inspired transformation. On the day of the shoot we presented a backyard makeover with stylish shots of their powdered beverages being stirred, poured, and enjoyed by the family in their new entertainment spaces. Everything went just as planned, down to the clinking of Kool Aid glasses after the final shot. Cheers!