Ultimate Drone Battle


Client: Fusion Network

Host: Dani Vierra and Alex Rodriguez

Red Arrow: Original Concept, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production + Mastering

Shoot Location: Knoxville, TN

The Story…

From the ground up: the way our contestants constructed their drones
and how we built this pilot. 

After selling “Ultimate Drone Battle” to Fusion Network, we got busy building obstacle courses, designing challenges, and chatting with some seriously talented drone fanatics.

We assembled a cast including the spunky Dani Vierra as host, Alex Rodriguez as the ever-encouraging expert, and two teams of lovable, drone nerds who accepted the challenge of going head-to-head in our Ultimate Drone Battle!

In this opening episode we introduce viewers to the exciting world of drones, following contestants as they participate in fun challenges, from dodging spaghetti nets to delivering pizza slices to building drones from toaster parts and shoe boxes.

It was a high-flying adventure creating this seriously modern and seriously fun drone competition show!