By Lara Carvin
Content Writer, Red Arrow Industries

Being who we are, there is no way we would let autumn or Halloween go by without a proper celebration, which called for the perfect mix of games, sugar, and wigs.

Who’s Who?

We all have pictures of Halloweens past: toddler years when we dressed as firemen, baby pics of ourselves as bundled up pandas, and even those timeless snaps of us sporting clown noses. Rather than simply share these photos, we decided to make a guessing game. Cue laughs, confusion, frustration, and lots of “awwws.” Some people just have a knack for picking out distinguishing features, which Mänya proved by getting the most guesses correct. Congrats, Mänya and thanks for taking the time to memorize our every feature. See below for a collection of those adorable photos.


Baking Competition

One of the best things about autumn is, of course, the baked goods that come rolling in with it. Again, simply bringing in something to share was not quite satisfying enough. No, we needed a competition. So we donned our aprons, floured the rolling pins, and turned in the best autumn flavored recipes we could find. Everyone had a chance to taste everything and then cast votes for the treat that made them go back for seconds (or thirds). At the end of the day, it was Claudia who won the Golden Whisk with her delicious Molasses White Chocolate Cookies. Congrats, Claudia!



Mondays are a whole lot better when you get to don an epic Halloween sweater or impersonate a 90s rapper. We dressed to impress for this holiday, because stories and creativity are kind of our thing. Check out our costumes and see if you can guess the character!