Author: Lara Carvin

Whether on set or just having fun with co-workers, it’s always good to dress for the occasion. If you’re looking for advice on blending in and dressing to impress, look no further. Here are a few scenarios we’ve encountered and how we’ve handled them.

On Set
The TV production world is full of challenges and unique projects, so it’s always been important to be prepared for anything. This rule also applies when it comes to dressing for a shoot. From erratic weather to extreme settings, our producers have to be up for anything.

From humid summers in the Smokies to the chilled air on the coast of Maine, it’s always important to be comfortable on set.

Forget a statement necklace or leather purse, cameras and earpieces are the never-fail accessories at Red Arrow!

Sometimes our team is so in sync that unscripted fashion copycatting may occur – either out of practical convenience or out of a need to protect the set from muddy shoes.

On the Town
Usually work attire consists of slacks, blouses, skirts, dresses, buttondowns, and/or sweaters, but occasionally an event comes around that calls for a little more consideration on clothing choice.

Competition can get fierce at Red Arrow, so prepping for laser tag is taken very seriously (one person being the exception…).

Whether supporting Team USA or your team in a Fun Friday mini golf tournament, coordinating outfits are a definite must.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a way to show the office cat lady just how much you care– come dressed in your nicest cat shirt and then take her out to lunch!