A few days ago on our Facebook page (if you’re not a fan, go there now and “like” us:, we promised a bit more info on our new space based on some seemingly random numbers.  The numbers were 9724, 1101, 2131-40 and 2131-50.  Well the time has come to reveal what is behind those numbers.  The first you can see in the picture below.

RAI Office 9724

Yes, 9724 is our future street address.  1101 has the same relation to our new office, it’s our suite number.

As for 2131-40 and 2131-50, well these were numbers none of us at Red Arrow had heard of until it was time to start designing the layout of the new edit suites. Brandy, who is doing our interior design, put her head together with Ryan to find a color scheme that would be aesthetically pleasing, yet neutral enough to not cause perception problems when we are color correcting footage.  The results: Benjamin Moore 2131-50 (Nimbus Gray) as our primary color and 2131-40 (Smokestack Gray) as our accent color.  When we stopped by the office today, the new wall upstairs had already been painted with 2131-50.

RAI office paint

So that’s the numbers.  Not quite as exciting as the numbers of the candidates to replace Jacob on Lost island, but close.