We post a lot of pictures of stuff going on out in the field, but we’d be cheating our loyal fans if we didn’t show what it’s like in the world of Red Arrow Post Production as well. See below as Editor, Jessica, gives a little tour of an offline edit suite.

1) Scratch VO mic with pop filter. Just because it’s temp voice over doesn’t mean it should sound poor and pitiful. Try saying that in a mic with no pop filter and hear what happens.

2) Phil Laak bobble head. An ode to the poker player and co-star of the show “I Bet You”- a show RAI worked on in its infancy.

3) Audio Mixer. Sure, we do video mostly, but we still gotta hear what’s going on! The Avid, deck, and even our own personal audio (i.e. Spotify) go through this little device, out of our speakers, and into our ears.

4) Tennessee Smokies Swag. We rep our local minor league baseball team in the office on a daily basis, but also out of the office once a year when we all see a game together.

5) External Drives. We’re up to an absurd number of terabytes worth of external drive space. This is where every project we do lives and breathes! The numbers on the fronts help keep us sane and organized.

6) The Avid Nitris. The brains of the operation. Without this machine (or one like it) we couldn’t get all of our video and audio into or out of our computers. And then where would we be?

7) A tiny guitar. We’re a pretty musically inclined bunch here at RAI. We should start a band! Oh wait…we did.

8) Water in a custom RAI Tervis Tumbler. Hydration is a must no matter the job, so we like to make it fun with personalized cups for everyone.

9) A Kickball. Red Arrow & The Leg Bats are a serious team of kickball misfits. We may or may not play in the parking lot occasionally, so we have to keep a ball on hand at all times.

10) Avid Keyboard. This new fangled typing machine comes complete with color coded keys just for editing, including the Red Arrow key- our namesake.

11) Tapes. Believe it or not, television still runs on video tape (to an extent). We get footage off of these, put shows on them, and sometimes use them as paper weights.

12) RAI memory books. Ah nostalgia. We make a new photo book every year to record all the neat things we’ve been up to and to see how much we’ve grown. Let’s just say we haven’t aged a bit either.

13) Big Red Bobble Head & Love It or List It Birthday card. We’re not in Kentucky, but a whole lot of us went to Western Kentucky University, home of the mascot Big Red. He’s magical. But what’s more magic than that? Photoshop. Which is what allowed Editor Jessica to be dancing with Love It or List It Host David for her birthday. Dreams really do come true.

Tour complete. You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet browsing.