In this tutorial, I explain how to create a cool Pan and Zoom effect over Documents or Newspapers. I show how to use a blur effect to create the feeling of Depth of Field and how to use masks to give the illusion of lighting.

Document Scan Move

The request to create this tutorial came from Ra-ey Saleh, a fellow Avid and Boris user located in Sydney, Australia.

Hope you do the “Document in 3D Space”… It reminds me slightly of a question I posed a while back where I wanted to light, distort slightly and move over an imported Hi-Res image as if the camera was swooping over it…

I saw this done in Lightwave years ago for a show about headlines and thought it would be possible in Boris, but could never get the warping on the still to look quite right, and the lights drove me insane!  This would be my suggestion for a tutotial.


So, Ra-ey, here’s how I do it.


redarrowRyan user Pic