We had the pleasure of trading in our cameras and keyboards for pitchforks and spades during our latest volunteer day at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. And boy, did we learn a lot, like…

1. The difference between a plant and a weed

2. Colby is terrified of bees and has an unhealthy passion for using an axe.

3. How to use a “hula hoe.” Yep. It involves moving your hips a lot.

4. “You gotta make sure you get a weed by the roots or it will come back even meaner than before.” – wise Knox Garden employee

5. Water is like liquid gold on a humid, 90 degree day.

6. Parts of East Knoxville are actually classified as “food deserts,” meaning the residents don’t have easy access to nutritious foods (a big reason why KBG&A is so important to our community).

7. Always volunteer to help dispose of the brush. You get to ride on the back of the tractor.

8. Sweet P’s Barbeque always hits the spot.

9. If a log has been sitting in the same place for a few years, there are probably ants living on it.

10. Capri Sun isn’t just for kids.