Ever wonder how a TV show is written? Well, just ten years ago that answer would have been easy: A TV show was written by a “writer.”  Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it. Well, answering that question in today’s post-production world is not so easy. Oh, sure, some shows are still written by a writer sitting behind a keyboard, but nowadays, more and more TV shows are written in the edit bay, usually by the editor.

With reality shows being all the rage, I routinely get 40 or 50 hours of raw footage and am expected to create a TV show: no script, no outline. A writer is rarely called in on these types of shows.

In fact, there was a series that I worked on for the past two years, that didn’t even have a writer listed in the credits, even though the show was 40% voice over. Who wrote that VO?  I did. And here’s some scans of some of the better “scripts” I wrote.

Wrecked Script 1

Wrecked Script 2Wrecked Script 3Wrecked Script 4

I’ve never claimed to be a writer, but being able to tell a story with pictures, sound, music, and even a little narration is something I can do. And, heck, if a few legal pads die in the process, so be it.


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