If you’re a Jimmy Fallon fan, you might be familiar with his “Truth or Truth” game. Well, we have a similar office tradition that could be referred to as “Dare or Dare.” Here are a few of our favorites.


Time to reorganize the old wardrobe! At some point during the process, Colby was dared to put on all the shirts (literally, every single one). Fifty-five shirts later, she’s still an excellent dancer.


Oh, did you want a piece with a balloon? Too bad. Sean was dared to eat all of them off his birthday cake in 15 seconds or less. He did it in 14.9. Side note: he played one of the best kickball games of his life just a few hours later. Maybe icing should always be part of  The Leg Bats’ pregame routine.


Is that Gene Kelly or Valen Emmert? During a monsoon-like rain, Valen is dared to run to the middle of the parking lot and back. As always, very graceful & very entertaining.