By Taylor Harris
Brand Manager and Casting Director

In addition to being Casting Director and Brand Manager here at Red Arrow, I also occasionally assume the role of Party Planner as well as Elaborate Holiday Decorator and Sweater Wearer. In honor of the season, I thought I’d put my passion for celebration to work and share some of my best advice on how to successfully holiday this year.


1) Build fires in the fireplace. Sit as close as you possibly can, and feel free to incorporate coffee drinking or book reading as needed. Word of warning from someone who’s been there: try not to melt the soles of your shoes.

2) Make popcorn for eating or stringing. Stove top is the way to go, and if you’re eating it, definitely add a bunch of salt. It’s delicious.

3) Dress for comfort around the house. The best way to do this is with an ill fitting sweatshirt. Grey goes with everything, and the farther the sleeves go past your fingertips the better.


4) Make garlands. No need to get too complicated. The same snowflakes you made in elementary school will suffice. Be sure to have the right tools – why settle for the craft store special when your glue gun can be the same brand as your drill? Yeah…that’s a $&*# glue gun.


5) Throw parties, and invite your friends. Along with good conversation, they also fill your home with good food so don’t be afraid to invite as many as possible.


6) Surround yourself with pie. If you can, try to get someone else to make them and just do the eating. You can contribute to the baking process by loudly singing Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate.


7) Add glitter. Put it on literally everything – cards, presents, decorations – just always have it and in every color if possible.


8) Send Christmas cards. They’re great for getting everyone in the holiday spirit and also for looking back on later so you can remember the one year you tried to wrangle the chickens into the picture.


9) Display fancy china, which stays in a locked cabinet ensuring no one will ever eat off of it or even touch it.


10) Watch Christmas Vacation. Obviously the Griswolds are essential to the holiday season, and if you watch it enough you’ll start to subconsciously turn into the characters. You may even end up accidentally dressed as Catherine.




11) Love your quirky relatives. All of mine are crazy, which is part of what makes the holidays truly great. If you don’t have a bunch of cousins who will split a gallon of ice cream with you and then play football in the backyard in matching t-shirts, you should definitely look into it.