In many ways, San Diego is our home away from home. It’s where we shoot many of our projects during the winter months and also a place where we’ve befriended numerous local homeowners and amazingly talented crew (who have nicknamed us “The Rain Bringers” since we somehow, always manage to bring rain to this drought stricken area every time we visit). We’ve even become friendly with the local cops (and pros at explaining our permits).

During our latest trip, we were tasked with showcasing the city through the eyes of HGTV design expert Genevieve Gorder and two awesome local families. We couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to show us some of the city’s best kept secrets, including:

  • Sea urchin from Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company  – According to our Producers on set, it tastes like butter but has the consistency of slime. So if you love the slime feel, but hate that slime taste, this is the perfect sea creature for you!
  • RickaroonsRick makes Macaroons = Rickaroons. A 100% organic, soy & gluten free, vegan, dessert that, against all odds, tastes delicious!
  • Hot Licks – A specialty hot sauce store whose spicy concoctions brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Well, everyone except Genevieve!

So go ahead. Click here to check out the full series of videos we created for HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel, detailing our time in San Diego.

Special shout out to Kia for letting us cruise around town in a new Sedona!