We’ve changed our look! Red Arrow Industries has a new logo, and here to give some insight into the design is our Creative Director, Todd Troop.

Todd, what was the goal of redesign?
Our previous logo was primarily designed for television, and Red Arrow has evolved as the landscape of content creation has evolved. We needed to make a new logo that was not only more current and refined, but also modular for all of the  various content platforms, from television to digital to social media to the next big thing. 

How did you achieve this goal?
First, we created multiple versions of our logo to fit the aspect ratios of various platforms. Second, we created a logo with an iconic mark that works well with our company name, or can stand alone as a brand icon. This is critical for achieving a professional and consistent look on all of our social marketing platforms like FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Finally, we refined the color palette of our previous logo by using a deeper, rich red tone and darker grey for a more sophisticated and elegant palette.

What is unique about our new logo?
This icon, shaped from a single line, can be seen in two ways – A red arrow, and/or an “R” representing the “R” in Red Arrow. Some people see the arrow first, and other’s see the “R” first. It’s not meant to be a finely-designed Rorschach test, however it’s fun to hear what people notice first. Either way, we’re excited about launching the new look of Red Arrow Industries.