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  •   If you need to escape the heat and unwind this summer, dive into Media Manda’s latest list of TV trends. Her most recent reviews cover everything from the newest dance competition to exclusive interviews with Vladimir Putin. Check out what Media Manda has to say below and see if you think they’re worth the watch! by Amanda Thornton AKA Media Manda… read more →

  • Here again to give you the rundown of the latest networks’ offerings is our TV guru, Media Manda. She scours the listings and binges nearly anything, from true crime to celebrity documentaries. Where that might sound like a typical Saturday for many people, she watches with purpose. And that purpose is to keep you informed. Enjoy and watch on!  … read more →

  •   Here at Red Arrow Industries, we’re big fans of efficiency, and that usually begins with knowledge. It’s always nice when our editors can make time to create tutorials that help others work smarter, and it’s even nicer when our friends at Avid Media Composer feature them on their Thursday Tutorials! Click below to check out our latest tutorial currently… read more →

  •   From time to time, Red Arrow Industries’ editors will share some of their favorite tips and tools of the trade in video tutorials. We love when our friends at AVID MEDIA COMPOSER pick up our tutorials and feature them on their Tutorial Thursday blog. Click below to check out our most recent feature on Avid Blogs, and get some… read more →

  • Ten years ago two editors signed some papers and took a blurry photo in front of their new office to mark the official start of their new company – Red Arrow Industries. They worked day and night to exceed client expectations, and shortly thereafter, realized the need for a bigger team. So, they hired one new employee…and then another…and another…… read more →