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  • Sometimes a project comes along that’s so special, everyone wants to participate, and that was our most recent vignette with DIY Network and Choice Hotels. This was an epic shoot, during which we got to totally renovate an outdoor classroom for Beaumont Magnet Academy in Knoxville. In addition to having our normal crew, we also had help from community volunteers, teachers, students, and… read more →

  • Author: Lara Carvin Whether on set or just having fun with co-workers, it’s always good to dress for the occasion. If you’re looking for advice on blending in and dressing to impress, look no further. Here are a few scenarios we’ve encountered and how we’ve handled them. On Set The TV production world is full of challenges and unique projects,… read more →

  • If you’re a Jimmy Fallon fan, you might be familiar with his “Truth or Truth” game. Well, we have a similar office tradition that could be referred to as “Dare or Dare.” Here are a few of our favorites.   Time to reorganize the old wardrobe! At some point during the process, Colby was dared to put on all the shirts (literally, every… read more →

  • Author: Lara Carvin It’s 5K time in Tennessee and for Red Arrowians! Last weekend, we participated in the “Forget Me Not” 5K, and the “Waggin’ Tails” race is coming up on September 20th. All of us are pretty excited to get out of the office and into some running shoes. So excited in fact, that we’ve asked our participants to give… read more →

  • We had the pleasure of trading in our cameras and keyboards for pitchforks and spades during our latest volunteer day at Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. And boy, did we learn a lot, like… 1. The difference between a plant and a weed 2. Colby is terrified of bees and has an unhealthy passion for using an axe. 3. How… read more →