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  • If you’re looking for the facts about Red Arrow Industries, look no further! The good people at Handshake 2.0 recently posted this article, titled “10 Facts About Red Arrow Industries, LLC.” As the title suggests, you’ll find some interesting (and some little-known) facts about us, as well as some funny links, and even a picture of our terrific crew.

  • For a recent project we needed a timelapse of a weed dying to illustrate how a particular weed control product performed its duties.   Our shoot was in San Diego, CA–2,200 miles from our office.  We kicked around several ideas of how to get the shot, but on the day before we flew out for the shoot, we decided that our best… read more →

  • In today’s blog, I provide a Video Tutorial with instructions on how to build a custom “Overexposed White Flash” transition using the Avid and Boris Red.

  • So I visit the message boards every day and one of the questions I see most often has to do with using HD footage in an SD project without scaling the footage down and losing quality.  Many people asking this question are coming from other NLE’s that allow the user to keep the HD footage at 1920×1080 inside their… read more →

  • Welcome to the new RAI website. As you can see we’ve made a few changes around here and we hope you’ll find everything you are looking for.  This particular page is going to be our blog site. Every so often we’ll update it with RAI news, technical info, tutorials, or just plain old industry related thoughts. We’ve already got several… read more →