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  • At Red Arrow, we’re always game for a little friendly competition– putt-putt, 5ks, bowling, Fantasy Football, etc. This kind of thinking led us to create a brand new challenge, named the “Fix It In Post Competition.” It was open to any and all brave souls willing to embark on a 3 stage editing competition. Bragging rights were at stake (as well as a… read more →

  • Our token city girl is on the (country) road, again! And darn near close to becoming country certified. From Davidson, NC to Boise, ID and several places in between, Producer, Laura shares these highlights from the field. This is York Bar in Helena, MT. So delightfully dive-y! “This is why I hate driving…Everyone on the road is an animal! I kid,… read more →

  • The secret’s out! DIY Network just announced that Blog Cabin 2015 will be located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Whew…Feels good to get that secret out in the open! We’ve been keeping this project under wraps for weeks. Be sure to get the full scoop on the DIY Network and then follow along for a chance to win Season 9’s Blog… read more →

  • Food finds from the field. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Always memorable. Today’s find is brought to you by Red Arrow Production Supervisor, Valen Emmert. Hubcap Grill Where: Houston, TX Specialty: Burgers, fries, and old fashioned root beer Review: Absolutely delicious Burgers and Fries. Bonus– The burgers are made with an additional sandwich between the buns. For example, take the Philly Burger. Rather than… read more →

  • Alpacas and stables and swamps, oh my! A good field producer knows sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, just ask Laura. She’s a city-girl, and we’re sending her into some of the most rural areas of the country. She’s on a three month long wild ride, putting her on top of mountains, in the middle of swamps and just about… read more →