• If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again– We love making TV! No two days are ever alike, and each one offers new learning opportunities. So we thought it might be fun to pass along a few pearls of wisdom we’ve picked up along the way… 1) Make friends with the animals. Inevitably, you’ll come across animals at some point,… read more →

  • In many ways, San Diego is our home away from home. It’s where we shoot many of our projects during the winter months and also a place where we’ve befriended numerous local homeowners and amazingly talented crew (who have nicknamed us “The Rain Bringers” since we somehow, always manage to bring rain to this drought stricken area every time we… read more →

  • At Red Arrow, we’re always game for a little friendly competition– putt-putt, 5ks, bowling, Fantasy Football, etc. This kind of thinking led us to create a brand new challenge, named the “Fix It In Post Competition.” It was open to any and all brave souls willing to embark on a 3 stage editing competition. Bragging rights were at stake (as well as a… read more →